Robert McFarlane  
  David Perry  
  Christy Lee  
Sound recording
  Martin Harrington  
  Kirsty Lowanna Bruce  
  Eva Culhane  
Assistant producer
  Deborah Kuleff  
  David Perry  
Graphic designer
  Marlene Palmeiro  
Theme music
  Abigail Hatherley  
Incidental music
  Alex Hood  
Sound mixing
  Martin Harrington  

Thanks to

Jeff Carter    Mare Carter

Van and Goth Carter

The Roso and Cavedon Families

Gapsted Wines

Gerringong Art Café    Hedgehogs Coffee Shop, Berry

Guy Abrahams    Sandra Byron    North Sullivan

Fabio Cavadini    Rebecca Stokes    Maylei Hunt

Jocelyn Hendrata    Fiona Ford    Salvatore Zofrea

and special thanks to

Peter Farrell    David Greatorex

for their support


Produced and Directed by

David Perry

Produced by Artsdoc Australia
© 2011 Artsdoc Australia, Peter Farrell, David Greatorex
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