On Further Reflection is a profusely illustrated book that documents the sculptural career of Australian artist and sculptor Bert Flugelman.

The words are by Peter Pinson, the photographs by David Perry, it was designed by Harry Williamson and published by Simon Blackall of Watermark Press.

"This beautifully designed and photographed book covers a vast range of Bert's artistic output, with behind-the-scenes looks at works being constructed and installed, and detailed comments on the sculptures and their place in our culture by the artist himself."
There is a review of the book by Nick Hartgenink here.
Information on the exhibition held in conjunction with the book launch at Peter Pinson's gallery is here.
And a review of Bert's exhibition at the Drill Hall Gallery in Canberra in March 2009 by Sasha Grishin is here.

Bert Flugelman is one of Australia's best-known sculptors, whose large public works in stainless steel have ensured him a place in art history.

Born in Vienna in the winter of 1923, Bert arrived in Sydney with his parents shortly before the outbreak of World War II and soon after started military service in the Australian Army. After the war he attended the National Art School in Sydney where he studied with other luminaries such as Guy Warren, John Coburn and Tony Tuckson.

On graduation Bert, like so many young artists, travelled to Europe and America where he exhibited successfully before returning to Sydney in 1955.

                Chisel I
          Aphrodite Australis

His work in the following decade was diverse and adventurous until, in the late '60s, his ideas condensed into more formal shapes created using new materials such as aluminium and stainless steel. This was a brave move, but one which made his work particularly distinctive and he has followed this course ever since.


Blade I
Caryatid Minotaur
In the early '70s Bert began receiving major public commissions and some of these were constructed on a very large scale in Australia's capital cities. Today he is recognised as one of Australia's foremost sculptors.
       Frame for a Landscape                 Continuum  
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